Welcome to ICCR

Welcome to International Christian Church Rome, a place where you can find a family.  ICCR is an international English and Italian speaking Pentecostal church.

Sunday Service Time

Morning at 10:30am

Tuesday Service

Tuesday Prayer Service 6 pm 

Visit or contact us

Address: Via Leopoldo Traversi, 29 - 00154, Rome, Italy.

Email: iccrfamily@gmail.com  

Telephone: +393451717338

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Welcome to ICCR - ICCR

Where we are

Where we are - ICCR

Metro and Bus Information

From Termini - Bus 714 get down from Colombo Bavastro.

From Porta San Giovanni  - Bus 792 get down from Circonvallazione Ostiense Giuliani.

From Metro B - From Garbatella Station, 10 minutes walk or Bus 792, 716, 670

From Roma Ostiense Train Station - Bus 716 from Via Ostiense Matteucci and get down at Circonvallazione Ostiense Giuliani.





Our mission is to reach people of all nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ  and see people saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered, and serving in ministry.

Mission Statement - Reach, Disciple, Empower, and Send to the Nations. 

Reach - Go out and share the good news at every level, with every part of the people on the earth. 

Disciple - Make followers of Christ.   

Empower - Equip followers into strong disciples, so that they understand the authority and power God

                   has given them.  

Send - Commission disciples and send them to every nation to make Disciples of Christ.

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